Dessie Scott Children’s Home

Dessie Scott Children’s Home

Our Care
DSCH, located in Pine Ridge, Kentucky, cares for both males and females, ages 8-17 through residential treatment and each client has their own room. The therapeutic milieu is based on an individual treatment plan which includes individual and group counseling, peer relations, trust building, life skill development, and family sessions if possible.

On-campus School
DSCH also utilizes an on-campus school, with teachers provided by the Wolfe County School System. Teachers assist our clients with credit recovery, educational delays, appropriate educational learning, and end-of-year testing.

Length of stay at Dessie Scott Children’s Home is coordinated between agency staff and the parent/guardian. An average length of stay is 6-8 months.

Bobby and his siblings came to us after removal from his birth family. Being the oldest, he was extremely angry and frustrated by foster parents who tried parenting him and his siblings.Over time, he came to allow his foster parents to take over parenting and he began to learn to play and enjoy being a little boy.He slowly made progress at school overcoming the obstacles of being behind his peers. Although, initially he had many problems at school, he overcame them and became a good student for which he was very proud.Making all As was something he had never done and did not think was possible, but it happened!

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